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In August we make our first selection. It is called thinning, it is done by hand by professionals who remove some bunches in order to adjust the production so that there is a correct balance in the physiology of the vineyard and achieve a perfect maturation without stressing the plant too much. The amount of grape to be removed will depend on the area and the characteristics of each vintage.

The harvest is always done with the same people who already know our quality level when cutting each bunch, with this we can make a manual selection of bunches on the ground. The transport to the warehouse is done in boxes of 15 kg. And it takes less than 30 min. in arriving at the winery from the field. With this we avoid breaks and temperature increases of grapes before entering the tank and with this possible contamination of the grapes or unwanted fermentations.


When the grapes enter the winery, they are destemmed, separating the mature grains from the herbaceous parts, the grains fall to a selection table where manually 6 people, specially trained for it, remove all the broken grapes and the remaining herbaceous parts in order to put only the whole grapes into the deposit. From that selection table they pass to a lifting belt that goes up to the deposit without using any type of pump to avoid breaking grapes.


When all the dough is in storage, a cold fermentation takes place for 6-8 days, then it is subjected to controlled fermentation until the wine is dry 10-12 days, depending on the alcoholic degree of the same. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the solid parts of the liquids are separated, taking the pastes to the press and separating the liquids obtained by the pressing process. After about 10-12 days it is put into barrels with fine lees during the process of malic fermentation, in May or June when the malic acid has been degraded naturally the barrels are subjected to a transfer separating the lees from the wine and finished, the barrels are washed and they are put back into the same barrels until completing the desired time to make the breeding.



All our wines are aged in French and American oak barrels. The proportion of French and American oak that we use depends on the type of wine we have each year.
For our selected vintage breeding we have a percentage of 60% of American oak barrels and 40% of French oak barrels, and a breeding period of between 14 and 18 months, to continue waiting for another year in the bottle before going on the market .
In our Young oak there is a percentage of 50% of French oak and 50% of American oak and a wait of 4 months in barrel to then rest another two months in the bottle before going on the market.

vino vetusta roble

Vetusta Oak


vino vetusta crianza


Selected grape harvest


Vetusta Tempranillo ice