Our Philosophy


Everything arises when five friends who like wine (friendship and wine, two terms that always go together) embark on a wine-growing adventure that begins on earth, continues in the plant and, after extracting everything they can. give in, we come to create the juice called VETUSTA.

Vetusta is passion for the plot. Vetusta is friendship and plot. We present a different wine that appeals to all kinds of people and we only put one condition, DRINK IT IN COMPANY.


The company was founded between 5 friends with agricultural and livestock tradition, lovers of wine and good food, who join forces to offer everyone the product that they would like to enjoy.

We are five friends traditionally dedicated to agriculture and we own a total of 30 Hectares of vineyard, all of them of the tinto fino (tempranillo) variety and located in different towns included in the D.O. Ribera del Duero

The initial philosophy with which we founded the company 20 years ago was to produce quality grapes. The 5 partners had land in 5 different locations in Ribera del Duero and decided to join. Each one of us contributes a plot to the company and we plant them all from vineyards.

Since 2006, that same philosophy we take to wine, with the aim of sharing with others our taste for good food and good people.

Then we launched ourselves with our own brand, “VETUSTA” with a selection of our best vineyards. What we intend is to make wine better and better, learning and improving day after day, quantity is not our priority.


The objective of our company is still focused on producing high quality wines that faithfully express the characteristics of our different plots.
We also bet on quality for social, economic and environmental sustainability. For that reason, we are in the process of ecological certification of our vineyards, improving the carbon footprint of all our processes.

Currently our efforts are focused on gradually increasing the production of wine without forgetting two premises that guide us:

• The search for excellence in quality respecting the biodiversity of our land and knowing our vineyards every day better.
• Increase the knowledge of our clients to offer them a little more than what they expect

filosofia vinos vetusta